Alternative Dispute Resolution

In today’s fast-moving and controversial world, disputes are a fact of business life. At Singhania & Co. LLP, Our litigators are always working with clients to increase efficiencies and reduce the cost of legal services. Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is a term that refers to many methods of resolving business-related disputes outside traditional legal and administrative forums. These methodologies, which include various types of arbitration and mediation, frustrated over the expense, time, and emotional toll involved in resolving disputes through the usual avenues of litigation. Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) includes dispute resolution techniques and processes that fall outside of the government process. Generally, Alternative Dispute Resolution is classified into four types:-Negotiation, Mediation, Collaborative law and Arbitration.

ADR is a time-tested method of discreetly resolving differences between parties before they lead to extended, expensive public litigation and trial. It is ideally suited for settling sensitive or complex issues that are best not aired in a public forum. Our ADR services can be introduced at any point in a dispute – before, during or after a lawsuit – and we help clients consider, evaluate and adopt the most appropriate ADR method for a specific controversy. We are proficient in representing parties in formal and informal arbitration, mediation, facilitation, summary jury trial and other ADR processes. Our experience includes representation in court-sponsored facilitation and mediation, private arbitration proceedings and before international tribunals such as the International Court of Arbitration. We also assist with designing comprehensive ADR programs to reduce the time, cost and aggravation of repetitive, ongoing disputes.

There are several Methods of Dispute Resolution:

  • Litigation
  • Arbitration
  • Collaborative law
  • Mediation
  • Conciliation