Arbitration Dispute Resolution India


Arbitration is a legal term, which is used to describe a process to settle disputes between two or more than two parties. People who are appointed to settle this dispute is well known as “Arbitrators”. This Arbitration process could be judicial or non-judicial. The matter is solved in the arbitration court which is also well known as arbitral tribunal. Sometimes the tribunals are tripartite and have tree arbitrators. It is always advisable to appoint expert arbitrator in case of any technical case. The judgment and decision of the arbitrators after a judicial practice, taking into consideration all the evidence or proof, is well known as “Award”. It is final and binding between the parties.

Arbitration is a dispute resolution procedure, which is an alternative to try your dispute in the court system with a jury and judge. This is a settlement technique in which a third party reviews the case and imposes a decision, which is legally binding for both sides. Today, Arbitration dispute resolution has become a popular way to identify the root cause of a problem and to build a solution strategy. If you have a dispute with securities professional or a security firm, firstly, you should try to resolve it with the firm. Review your client account agreement to determine whether you have agreed to procedures regarding dispute resolution. Most client account agreements need the investor to take any dispute to arbitration, and not directly to court. We assist our clients with resolution of disputes in all areas of general and special practices, including commerce, industry and finance. Our highly qualified & experienced attorney make an effort to prevent disputes by ensuring proper documentation and by tactfully handling the case/ dispute etc. Our Law Firm strives to achieve the best commercial results for its clients. The law firm’s attorney are highly qualified and has dealt with hundreds arbitration & conciliation in India.

The Areas of expertise are:



Preparing and presenting the case before arbitrator

Domestic and International Arbitration

Enforcement of Awards

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