Asbestos & Toxic Tort

Singhania & Co.LLP has been protecting clients interests in asbestos litigation and we have tried personal injury and building cost recovery cases, including class action lawsuits. Our attorneys have defended national petroleum and chemical companies in mass “toxic cloud” type litigation involving alleged releases of toxic substances in plant air emissions. We consider all factors, including the nature of the claims, the case’s venue, and the demographics of likely juries, in selecting the right team to deliver the desired result. Our Asbestos and Toxic Tort Team members quickly develop a thorough knowledge of the client’s product and the alleged injuries and exposures. As a leading asbestos and toxic tort defense firm, our attorneys know the industries, the issues, the law, the science, the experts, the courts, and how to successfully put it all together to defend our clients in their toughest cases. Our attorneys defend our clients in high exposure asbestos and toxic tort cases in India & across the globe.

Our highly qualified and experienced attorneys have expertise and experience in all the areas involving the defense of toxic tort cases including:

  • Multi-party, multi-jurisdictional practice.
  • Complex case management.
  • Development of sophisticated medical defenses.
  • Trial of consolidated cases.
  • Computerized case and file management.
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