Aviation Transactions & Finance

We have a team of highly qualified and experienced lawyers, who are familiar with all aspects of aviation and aerospace operations, transactions, and dispute resolution. From purchasing, leasing, selling, and financing aircraft to interfacing with government agencies and addressing certification and operational issues, we are able to quickly leverage the required experience from a variety of practice areas to address specific client requirements and expectations.

Types of Services:

  • Purchase, sale, financing and lease of aircraft.
  • Aircraft foreclosure and repossession.
  • Secured transactions involving aircraft.
  • Structuring closely-held organizations to hold aircraft.
  • Formation and documentation of lease arrangements to defer tax obligations.
  • Use of personal or corporate aircraft in political campaigns, to transport government officials, or otherwise in connection with the public sector
  • Tax aspects of aircraft ownership and use, including transfers
  • Fractional ownership and operational programs
  • Disputes between airlines and pilots, including hearings before various pilot grievance panels established by collective bargaining agreements and in federal court litigation for wrongful practices involving pilots, management, and medical staffs
  • Pilot and enterprise licensure
  • Commercial agreement relating to airport operations, including gate agreements
  • Merger and acquisition issues where aircraft owners and/or operators are involved
  • Airport development, zoning, and land use.
  • Bankruptcy issues affecting operators, aircraft, gate agreements, and similar parties and relationships.
  • Lobbying services and government policy advice regarding aviation.
  • Counseling with respect to both domestic and international airline startups
  • Patent and other intellectual property issues regarding aviation systems, including patent prosecution, intellectual property licensing, and patent litigation.
  • Immigration matters with respect to pilots, maintainer, and other personnel.
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