Drafting of aircraft leases


Financing & Mortgage



Sales & Freight forwarding contracts

Litigation relating to Cargo bills

Aviation Law Practice

Aviation Law matters is a serious concern in India because of the increasing demand for this sector. Aviation disputes should be handled with outmost sincerity. We can give our expert advice for aviation cases, aviation disputes, shipping disputes because we have aviation and shipping lawyers with us who have great experience in aviation and shipping dispute cases. There are a large no of airlines in India some are privately owned and some are public.

The aviation categories are as follows

Domestic airlines

International airlines

Non-scheduled operators

Air cargo service providers

We have specialists who can deal in all legal and commercial matters related to aviation including litigation, corporate, employment contracts, real estate contracts, passenger claims, baggage and freight claims and other related matters. We can divide our services for aviation cases as follows:

Aviation contracts

We can draft employment contracts and other property related agreements for aviation alliances, aviation leasing and finance, registration and liability claims.

Aviation passenger claims

We deal in cases for passenger claims, grounding of aircraft, hull, liability, carriage of cargo and passengers, including insurance aspects and the Warsaw Convention which applies to all international carriage of persons, luggage or goods performed by aircraft for reward.

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