Bank Regulatory

We represent various regulated financial services companies, including national and state-chartered commercial banks, insurance companies, federal and state-chartered thrifts and savings banks, mortgage companies and other finance companies. Our advice and representation covers the full range of regulatory and corporate matters, including mergers and acquisitions, corporate formations and restructurings, bank powers, trust activities, the development of new financial products and services, corporate governance, bank mutual fund matters, Bank Secrecy Act, electronic banking, Patriot Act, and anti-money laundering compliance, consumer compliance, information technology and outsourcing matters, community reinvestment and general business and strategic planning matters.

Our financial and banking institutions regulatory experience includes the following:
  • Preparation and review of regulatory applications and notices, including applications related to national and state-chartered banks and thrifts, non-banking activities, trust activities and mergers and acquisitions.
  • Advising financial institutions and underwriters regarding capital raising and corporate restructuring matters, including initial public offerings, asset securitizations and trust preferred securities.
  • Advising financial institutions and underwriters in divestitures, acquisitions, mergers and joint ventures.
  • Advising private and public institutions regarding fiduciary duty and corporate governance-related matters.
  • Advising financial institutions with respect to regulatory and statutory provisions affecting the operations of holding companies and their depository and non-depository subsidiaries.
  • Negotiation of technology outsourcing agreements and other vendor contracts.
  • Counseling financial institutions in enforcement and supervisory matters.
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