Bankruptcy & Restructuring

We have a team of highly qualified and experienced attroneys, who have expertise and experience in solving all types of issues and cases of bankruptcy and debtor-creditor laws. We work closely with our customers to understand their goals and objectives and develop strategies to achieve those goals and objectives. We use a team approach to handle complex work-outs or bankruptcies effectively and efficiently. Our professionals represent the global clients in all the aspects of the bankruptcy and insolvency process.

We represent a variety of clients in the courts:

  • Financial Institutions: Commercial banks, real estate investment trusts, and other lenders, which have made secured and unsecured loans to businesses. Our services range from negotiating out-of-court work-outs to litigating an array of issues prior or during bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Creditor’s Committees: We understand the fiduciary duties imposed upon these committees to investigate the activities of the principal constituents to commence litigation when such litigation will enhance the recovery to unsecured creditors, and to develop a strategy, which will result in the highest return and provide the best result possible for creditors.
  • General Business Representation: We work closely with businesses facing financial issues and develop strategies to effectively resolve the challenges. These strategies include working out-of-court with various creditor and customer constituents, preparing and providing a team to address issues across multiple legal disciplines. This approach creates realistic expectations of the different constituents to a work-out or bankruptcy and maximizes the opportunity to be successful and minimize costs.
  • Troubled company Acquisitions: We advise entrepreneurs in a manner that eliminates successor liabilities when acquiring troubled companies. We develop strategies designed to place our clients in the best position of success possible under the circumstances and may include creative sale process options.
  • Supply Chain Management: A supplier that fails to deliver important products can materially interfere with our clients ability to service its clients on time. To minimize the damage, we can assist our clients recognize the early signs of supplier trouble and implement a strategy to address problems quickly.
  • Varied Industry Expertise: Our bankruptcy and restructuring experience spans many industries, including automotive, general manufacturing, retail and heath care. We have represented automotive industry leaders, suppliers and creditors and understand the intricacies of an automotive-related workout, both in and out of bankruptcy.
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