Class Action Defense

Our successful record of handling all phases of class action defense � including claims analysis, forum issues, dispositive motions, oppositions to class certification, and trial. We have expertise and extensive experience in such critical areas as case management, developing expert witnesses and developing effective settlement strategies. Our practice allows us to handle virtually any class action claim. A representative sample of our class action experience includes:

  • Antitrust: – Served as national and regional counsel for pharmaceuticals, health care, consumer products, state law as well as federal law claims.
  • Mortgage Lending: – We serve as counsel for several residential and commercial mortgage lenders defending class actions.
  • Securities Fraud: – We have developed one of the leading securities fraud class action defense practices, successfully defending numerous cases in such fields as manufacturing, finance, health care, high tech, data processing, and the recreation industry.
  • Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices:-Our lawyers represented a manufacturer of silicone breast implants in product liability class action litigation, and we have also defended class actions involving prescription and generic drugs, infant formula, and vitamins.
  • Automotive: – We represent many auto manufacturers in air bag litigation across the country, including trial work, expert coordination, and discovery support. We advise auto manufacturers in a variety of product liability class actions.
  • Retail: – We have represented numerous major national retailers in consumer class action claims based on items such as computer products, rebates, credit card collection practices, warranty issues, entertainment events and funeral services.
  • Employment: – We have represented employers in numerous discrimination class action and putative class actions. We have a track record of success in opposing class certifications and securing early dismissals.
  • Credit Discrimination: – We are served as lead counsel for a major auto finance company, defending it against race and ethnic status discrimination claims.
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