Consumer Financial Services Regulatory & Compliance

We provide strategic legal counsel to clients in all areas of consumer finance, including related privacy laws. We provide a full range of consumer financial regulatory and compliance services to consumer lending institutions and retailers in India & across the globe. Our consumer financial services regulatory and compliance practice manages licensing issues for all types of consumer lenders, servicers, brokers, debt managers, real estate professionals, insurance agents and money transmission companies. Our highly qualified and experienced attorneys in the Consumer Financial Services Regulatory and Compliance practice have provided counsel and assistance to a broad range of both large and small businesses in the consumer financial services and related industries. Our clients include state and national banks, credit unions, mortgage lenders, servicers, mortgage brokers, deferred presentment companies, internet lenders, local and multi-national corporations, installment lenders, automobile dealerships, finance companies, money transmission companies, debt management companies, manufactured housing lenders and numerous retailers. Our Experience includes:

  • Advising credit card issuers with respect to prescreen firm offer requirements.
  • Counseling lenders with respect to Truth In Lending Act disclosure issues.
  • Drafting consumer loan documentation.
  • Recommending appropriate licenses to seek for particular financing activities and utilizing contacts within state licensing departments through the process.
  • Providing due diligence and related support for merger and acquisition transactions involving transfer of consumer financial service licenses.
  • Counseling mortgage lenders, brokers, home builders, title companies, and real estate professionals with respect to proposed joint ventures.
  • Establishing data security procedures and privacy programs for a broad range of consumer financial service clients.
  • Advising loan modification companies with respect to the FDCPA.
  • Researching issues related to repossession of collateral and advising clients of same.
  • Providing counsel to national lender regarding receipt of income for referrals to relocation agency.
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