Corporate Governance

Our Corporate Finance practice has a wealth of experience in corporate governance matters and is well-equipped to advice public and private companies. Our Corporate Finance practice also assesses and audits the status of our clients’ existing policies and procedures in relation to best practices as well as applicable requirements and expectations. We counsel our clients to audit committees, compensation committees and special board committees formed to consider transactions such as mergers or affiliated party transactions.

Corporate Governance Practice: We advice entities, boards, committees, directors, trustees and executive officers on the process and procedures of corporate governance. This ranges from fiduciary duty questions to governance structures, audits, advice on specific transactions, compliance and best practices.

Our Corporate Governance Practice focuses on the following areas:

  • Professional Services for industry-specific and Transaction Specific Corporate Governance Check-Lists.
  • Analysis of internal governance procedures and controls.
  • Developing Internal Corporate Governance Code in conformity with established Corporate Governance principles and rules.
  • Formulation of redressal schemes for overcoming past infraction of Corporate Governance principles.
  • Due Diligence and investigation on Corporate Governance for specific commercial transactions.
  • Due Diligence on observance of Corporate Governance vis-e-vis Clients’ potential business partners for sensitive sectors like banking, insurance, fund management and other non-banking financial services, that require stricter “Corporate Governance” guidelines.
  • Consultancy Services on compliance with evolving best practices standards.
  • Caution services against business transactions with entities facing ‘Corporate Governance’ proceedings.
  • Professional services on regulatory compliance of corporate Governance requirements and expectations including share transfer & acquisition Guidelines, appointment of independent Directors & Auditors etc.

We also help our clients in the preparation of new governance procedures and policies such as:

  • Corporate governance guidelines.
  • Codes of ethics.
  • Committee charters and pre-approval policies.
  • Nominating committee policies for shareholder proposals and director nominees.
  • Attorney reporting policies.
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