Discovery Management

Singhania & Co. LLP’s experience in discovery management and e-discovery covers the continuum from simple cases with a single computer and a few hundred pages of hard copy documents to highly complex cases with multiple servers, hundreds of users, and hundreds of thousands of pages of documents. When it comes to discovery, we understand the importance of controlling the most costly and time-consuming portion of lawsuits and investigations. We understand that data collection, processing, organization and review methods can significantly impact success at trial.

Our approach to discovery management has helped clients reap substantial savings and in several ways, including reducing the volume of data reviewed and evaluated and performing statistical analyses of search terms and files types. Our discovery management also pays dividends in later phases of litigation, often yielding faster conclusions, better outcomes, and providing clients with greater flexibility.

We help you in your Discovery Process by managing your documents, analyzing them, getting them ready for Production and in the drafting of the necessary Discovery Requests, Disclosure, Interrogatories, Admissions of Fact, and Request for Production and Depositions.