Employee Benefits

Our highly qualified and experienced attorneys are experienced in the traditional and emerging areas of employee benefits law. We help our clients with pension, profit sharing, money purchase pension, severance and medical plans, as well as welfare, executive and stock compensation, and fringe benefits issues. To meet clients’ requirements and expectations, our Employee Benefits attorneys work closely with those in the firm’s Corporate Finance, Employment, and Taxation and Estates practice groups.

Our services include:

  • Benefit plan management in acquisitions, corporate mergers and divestitures.
  • Common trusts and collective investments.
  • Employee communications.
  • Executive compensation planning.
  • Individual tax planning.
  • IRS and DOL audits and appeals.
  • IRS qualification application preparation.
  • Litigation, including fiduciary suits, participant claims and QDRO procedures.
  • Multi-employer plans.
  • Plan mergers, spin-offs and transfers.
  • Plan terminations.
  • SEC matters.

Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation Arrangements:

  • Deferred compensation contracts.
  • Executive compensation agreements and incentive plans
  • Excess benefit and other retirement plans.
  • Salary and benefit continuation plans.
  • Appreciation rights, stock option and restricted stock plans.

Welfare Benefit Programs:

  • Dependent care, education and group legal plans.
  • Disability benefits.
  • Insured and uninsured medical benefit programs.
  • Life insurance and other death benefit programs.
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