Entertainment Media & Sports

Our Entertainment, Media and Sports attorneys understand the business and effectively counsel and represent our clients to protect their interests and reduce their risk. Our highly qualified and experienced attorneys counsel film producers and production companies on a wide variety of legal needs including tax, employment, contracts, real estate, financing, government policy and intellectual property. Our team includes experienced practitioners in the fields of Intellectual Property, Public Finance, Mergers and Acquisitions, Contracts, Employment, Governmental Policy and Lobbying. Our clients include major league sports teams, race car drivers and owners, the PGA Tour, the National Football League, publishers, animators and animation studios, major Hollywood studios and actors.

Our expertise includes:

  • General Representation Our clients have included race car drivers and owners of major league sports teams, local and international animation studios, the PGA Tour, player negotiations in the International Hockey League, local and international animation studios, actors in contract negotiations, and visual effects directors.
  • Contracts, Licenses, Agreements Experience with book publishers, option/purchase agreements, personnel contracts, broadcasting and sponsorship agreements, video game and audio juke box license contracts and agreements. Successfully represented songwriters, producers and artists in contract negotiations.
  • Intellectual Property  Our experience includes registering copyrights for singer/songwriters, defended copyright infringement on ringtones, representation of the NFL in trademark and license infringement litigation, and copyright litigation in sound recordings
  • Mergers & Acquisitions  Negotiated the acquisition for major league sports teams; formation of loan out corporations; acquisition, financing and operations of professional sports franchises and related entertainment facilities
  • Employment  Contracts with minors in the entertainment industry; negotiating work for hire agreements, drafting employment contracts
  • Government Policy  Securing governmental inducements and stadium construction and leases
  • Tax and Estate Planning  Establishing foundations for charitable activities; tax benefits for private foundations; estate planning for professional athletes

Singhania attorneys work together in cross-functional teams to bring a comprehensive view of each situation to our clients. Whether the case involves intellectual property disputes, mergers and acquisitions or privacy concerns, we look at the whole picture to counsel and advise clients with a complete strategy. Singhania attorneys know how to structure strategies for the best possible resolution whether in the courtroom or public eye.

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