Franchise Services

Our highly qualified and experienced attorneys have represented franchising clients in several different fields, including automobile sales, parts and service establishments, mobile home sales, education services, ice cream shops, pizza restaurants, insurance and financial services, cleaning services, convenience stores, coffee shops, service stations, and tool stores.

Our Team provides services for franchisors and aspiring franchisors, including trademark registration, corporate entity structuring, tax planning, drafting of key documents negotiating with vendors, registration with state regulators and review and filing of advertising.

Our litigators have successfully handled several precedent-setting cases for franchisors, including:

  • Enforcing provisions requiring litigation or arbitration in the franchisor’s home state and under that state’s law.
  • Defeating attempts to litigate or arbitrate on a class action basis.
  • Defeating attempts to represent dealerships as franchises.
  • Terminating franchises for non-payment of royalties and comply with reporting, quality and design standards.
  • Summary eviction of franchisees.
  • Defeating allegations of failure to register, failure to offer required disclosures, fraud and misrepresentation.
  • Enforcing non-compete agreements against terminated franchisees.
  • Defeating allegations of franchisor liability for actions of franchisees’s employees.
  • Preventing appropriation of trade secrets by former employees.
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