Government Contracts

The attorneys in Singhania & Co.LLP Government Contracts Practice possess the skills, breadth of experience, and maturity of judgement required to help you in transforming your government marketplace challenges into positive bottom-line results. Our strategic vision, team approach, and client-centered focus on the creation and preservation of value, enable clients to identify and alleviate more reliably the complex operational risks uniquely present in the government contracts marketplace.

Singhania & Co.LLP Government Contracts Practice attorneys help clients create, preserve, and enhance value are listed below:

Contractor Status & Team Relationships:

  • Joint Ventures / Teaming Agreements / Strategic Alliances.
  • Cooperative Agreements, Grants, Cooperative Research and Development Agreements, and Other Transactions.
  • Small Business Programs and Procurements.
  • Organizational Conflicts of Interest.
  • Foreign Ownership, Control or Influence.
  • Contractor Responsibility.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions.

Solicitation Issues:

  • Analysis and Preparation of Comments on Draft Solicitation Provisions.
  • Interpretation of Solicitation Terms & Requirements.
  • Offeror Representations and Certifications.
  • Proposal Evaluation / Negotiations / Discussions.
  • Debriefings by the Government.
  • Evaluation, Preparation, Prosecution or Defense of Procurement Protests.

Contract Administration:

  • Subcontract Award and Administration.
  • Negotiation of Changes to Contract Terms & Conditions.
  • Compliance Programs, Plans, and Reviews.
  • International Traffic in Arms Regulations / Export Administration Regulations.
  • Allocation and Protection of Contractor Rights in Intellectual Property.
  • Freedom of Information Act Requests / Responses.
  • Requests for Equitable Adjustments / Claims.
  • Disputes
  • Termination
  • Contract Audits

Fraud Allegations / Investigations:

  • Grand Jury / Inspector General Investigations.
  • Criminal False Claims Act / False Statement Investigations.
  • Civil False Claims Act Investigations.
  • Suspension / Debarment Proceedings.
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