Our HIPAA Task Force provides customized and multi-disciplinary services to assist clients to comply with HIPAA. Our highly qualified and experienced Attorneys, who have specialization in each of the disciplines affected by HIPAA, such as health care, employment and employee benefits, advise clients on HIPAA requirements and implementation of HIPAA compliance plans. HIPAA impacts health care providers, managed care organizations, insurers, employee benefit plans and employers.

Services offered by us:


  • Conduct gap assessment or audit of HIPAA readiness.
  • Assist with client-conducted gap assessment.
  • Provide step-by-step compliance workbook.
  • Advise on implementation of HIPAA.
  • Respond to questions on interpretation of HIPAA and provide day-to-day advice on HIPAA compliance.
  • Advise regarding integration of HIPAA compliance in overall compliance program.
  • Identify technical consultants to assist with security and EDI requirements.
  • Draft and review software and license agreements.


  • Draft or review notice, authorization and acknowledgement.
  • Draft or review privacy policies and procedures.
  • Draft or review research protocols, informed consent and IRB policies and procedures for compliance with HIPAA.
  • Review marketing materials for compliance with HIPAA.
  • Review fundraising materials for compliance with HIPAA.
  • Assist with identification of business associates.
  • Draft or review and negotiate business associate agreements.
  • Draft or review job description for Privacy Officer.


  • Draft or review security policies and procedures.
  • Assist with identification of chain of trust partners.
  • Draft or review and negotiate chain of trust agreements.
  • Draft or review job description for Security Officer.

Electronic Data Interchange:

  • Assist with preparation of compliance plan.
  • Draft or review EDI policies and procedures.
  • Assist with identification of trading partners.
  • Draft or review and negotiate trading partner agreements.

Employee Benefits

  • Advise regarding compliance with portability and non-discrimination benefit plan rules.
  • Assist with identification of health and welfare plans subject to HIPAA.
  • Review and modify plan documents to comply with HIPAA.
  • Draft or review plan policies and procedures.
  • Assist group health plans to comply with privacy, security and EDI rules.
  • Draft or review and negotiate business associate agreements.


  • Draft or review employee handbooks and personnel policies to address HIPAA requirements.
  • Draft or review employment and independent contractor agreements for compliance with HIPAA.
  • Review codes of ethics and confidentiality agreements.
  • Review union contracts.
  • Assist employers with discipline of employees who violate HIPAA.
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