Intellectual Property Laws

Intellectual Property (IP) laws are very important for the scientific development of a country. Strong Intellectual Property legislation ensures the progress in different fields and result in the growth of a country�s knowledge bank. The greatest importance of the strong IP laws must be competently supported by an equally strong enforcement mechanism. Strong, Fair, and non- discriminatory Intellectual Property Rights enforcement creates economic incentives that encourage innovation.

Copyright: Copyright laws protect artistic creations such as books, music, movies, paintings, software and photographs. You do not obtain the rights for ever, usually for 50 to 100 hundred years, after which point your work is said to enter the public domain.

Trademarks: A trademark is a sign, which is used to identify a service or product to consumers as originating from a unique source and to distinguish that product or service from other entities. Typically, a trademark is given to a name, phrase, word, logo, symbol, Image, design, or combination.

Patent: A patent is set of exclusive rights, which are provided by a state to an inventor in exchange for a disclosure of an invention. The patent provides the inventor the right to exclude others from using, making, or selling that invention. The right is for a limited time and usually lasts for 20 years after the filing date.

Industrial Design Rights: Industrial design rights are a set of intellectual property rights, which protect the visual design of objects. The creation of shape, configuration or composition of pattern or color, combination of pattern and color containing aesthetic value constitutes an industrial design. The industrial design rights last for fourteen years.

Trade Secret: A trade secret is a formula, instrument, design, practice, process, pattern or compilation of information which is not normally known or reasonably ascertainable. Additionally, a business should be able to obtain an economic advantage over competitors or customers by keeping this information private.

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