Intellectual Property Litigation

Singhania & Co.LLP’s IP Litigation practice brings together highly qualified and experienced IP and commercial lawyers in the prosecution of litigation arising out of patent, trademark, licensing, copyright, and internet-based and other technology disputes, and includes litigation involving trade secret and unfair competition claims, false advertising, publicity rights, and intellectual property transfers.

Singhania & Co.LLP’s IP Litigation attorneys have experience in a wide variety of technologies, including electrical engineering and computers, chemical engineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, aeronautical engineering, pharmaceuticals; medical devices; and chemistry, biochemistry and biotechnology. Our experience provides the foundation for helping our clients in achieving their strategic objectives in IP litigation matters.

Our experience also includes litigation involving trademark and copyright infringement and trade secret claims, counterfeiting, trade dress, unfair competition and false advertising claims. We have also handled antitrust and unfair competition claims in such diverse markets as soft drinks, computer hardware and software, high tech components, turbo prop engines, consumer food products, hospital and physician services, prescription/generic drugs, transportation, sporting equipment, construction equipment and funeral products. Our lawyers practice in Federal Courts across the country and before specialized tribunals including the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, the International Trade Commission, the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, and other venues.

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