Life Sciences

We have a multi-disciplinary life science team comprised of attorneys and other professionals from all of our major practice groups. Our life sciences industry team includes clients ranging from start-ups to public companies to nonprofits in a variety of industry sectors including pharmaceuticals, health care services, biotechnology, medical devices and equipment, computer technology and software applicable to the life sciences industry.

Our Life Sciences professionals apply their industry knowledge, collaborate with clients and share insights on critical industry issues to deliver value through business optimization and the use of appropriate technology. Working closely with our clients, ranging from small entrepreneurial life science companies to large global corporations, we aim to achieve increased performance by improving the effectiveness and efficiency of a company’s key business operations.

The Life Sciences Team service areas include:

Corporate and Finance:

  • Organizational matters, including corporate governance and tax issues.
  • Venture capital and other debt and equity financings, including Rule 144A and other private placements.
  • Mergers, acquisitions, initial public offerings and other exit events.
  • Manufacturing, Distribution and sales agreements.
  • Product collaboration agreements and other joint venture arrangements.

Intellectual Property, Technology and Licensing:

  • Confidentiality and proprietary rights agreements.
  • Licensing, collaboration, and technology transfer agreements both domestically and internationally.


  • Mass tort defense.
  • Patent litigation.
  • Supplier and other commercial contract disputes.

Government Policy and Regulatory

  • State and national legislative matters.
  • Government contracts, grants and research agreements.
  • Export control and technology transfer issues.
  • Applications for FDA approval and FDA compliance issues.
  • Clinical trials and research issues, including Consent, Contract and reimbursement.
  • HIPAA, including privacy, security and EDI matters.


  • Foreign professionals.
  • Intra-company transfers.

Employment Benefits:

  • Executive contracts and compensation.
  • Stock option plans.
  • Confidentiality and non-competition agreements consulting arrangements.

Real Estate and Facilities:

  • Building construction and leasing.
  • Tax and other government incentives
  • Equipment purchases and leasing
  • Environmental compliance.
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