Litigation Services

We offer litigation services to law firms and attorneys, consulting organizations, litigation support companies and litigation imaging organizations. We are renowned for our successful Litigation services in India. We extend services for varied types of litigation at different levels of the judicial system, Courts, Tribunals, Commissions, Forums and other Authorities throughout India and abroad. The litigation & arbitration cases we handle under the provisions of Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996, pertain to Collaboration Disputes, Commercial Contracts, Contractual Disputes, Service Agreements, Construction Agreements, Operation and Maintenance Dispute, etc.

Our expertise and experience in litigation handling includes various types of litigation’s instituted and prosecuted within the country and abroad. These cases include Infringement of Intellectual Property Rights, Recovery Suits, Commercial Disputes, Matrimonial Disputes, Property Disputes, Product Liability, Constitutional Matters, Banking Claims, Custody Claims, Criminal matters, Service Matters and Insolvency, etc.

Through our knowledge and experience with international legal systems and jurisdictions, our highly qualified and experienced attorneys offer a way to overcome foreign barriers to collection. We help individuals, trustees and companies in recovering losses where assets or claims have a multi-jurisdictional focus. We have experience with the doctrines particular to international litigation, such as jurisdiction, conflicts of law and gathering evidence abroad. Our attorneys have developed a wide range of contacts to help in investigations throughout India and abroad. We work closely with investigators, computer forensic experts, foreign attorneys, forensic accountants, handwriting experts and other forged document experts. We also work closely with federal, state and local authorities in India and foreign jurisdictions who assist in the prosecution. With our knowledge of international legal systems and jurisdictions, we can offer our clients with a way to overcome global bureaucratic, linguistic and cultural barriers and recover their losses.

Our services:

  • Analyze and optimize the alternative remedies for dispute resolution.
  • Drafting grounds of appeal & other submissions for effective understanding of facts by the authorities.
  • Effectively complying with the appellate requirements, expectations & procedures.
  • Assist in drafting and presenting application to Competent Authority for mutual agreement procedure.
  • Review of pending litigation and other uncertain tax positions, to comment on adequacy of defense, probability of success, prevention of recurrence
  • In-house service of the expert counsel having large experience in counsel practice.
  • Assist / Brief Legal Counsel in preparing / representing for appeals, and special leave petition before the Courts.
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