Medical Malpractice

Singhania & Co.LLP’s attorneys defend physicians, hospitals and other health care providers charged with medical negligence, defending claims against practitioners involved in every specialty and discipline. Our highly qualified and experienced attorneys have obtained a number of appellate court decisions, which have established new rules and standards favorable to the medical professional. We regularly advise clients in the areas of medical staff by-laws, physician recruitment, retention, and issues related to review and data bank reporting under the Health Care Quality Improvement Act. We continue to represent many health care professionals before the Medical Disciplinary Board of the Department of Professional Regulation when the need arises. We advice our clients regarding the growing area of telemedicine, on matters of confidentiality, licensing and jurisdiction. We consult with professional groups, hospitals and other organizations, providing both information about medical malpractice liability and claims and specific suggestions to minimize risk exposure in the future.

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