Non profit Organizations

Our highly qualified and experienced attorneys represent a large and diverse group of private and public nonprofit organizations. These clients include charitable organizations, trade and professional associations serving a wide range of industries, political organizations, clubs, advocacy groups, cemeteries and rural electrical cooperatives. We also provide them with a full range of other services in the areas including government relations, employment, pension and benefits, real estate and litigation.

Our corporate services include:

  • Formation of new nonprofit organizations.
  • Preparing and amending articles of incorporation.
  • Advice regarding corporate governance and planning.
  • Liability protections for directors, officers and volunteers.
  • Conflict of interest policies and conflict resolution.
  • Corporate control, structuring and restructuring.
  • Mergers, acquisitions, affiliations and joint ventures.
  • Creation and management of taxable and tax-exempt subsidiaries.
  • Auxiliary and support groups.
  • Establishment and administration of endowment funds.
  • Tax-exempt bond financings, public debt offerings and other borrowings.

Our tax services to non profits include:

  • Obtaining IRS recognition of tax-exempt status and other rulings.
  • Tax audits.
  • Compliance with exemption requirements and other tax rules.
  • Planned giving, fundraising events and other charitable contributions.
  • Representing donors and recipients in connection with large charitable gifts.
  • Limitations on lobbying and political activities.
  • Unrelated business income tax questions.
  • Excess benefit tax and executive compensation issues.
  • Private foundation excise tax issues.
  • Property tax appeals, sales tax exemption and other state tax issues.

We also offer a range of other services to nonprofits, including:

  • State regulation of charities and charitable solicitations.
  • Compliance with federal and state campaign finance and lobbying statutes.
  • Regulation of raffles, sweepstakes and similar fundraisers.
  • Public law issues, such as open meetings, FOIA, constitutional and charter limitations, investments and public finance.