Pharmaceuticals & Medical Products

Today, Pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers are one of the most highly regulated and closely scrutinized industries. The field is marked by exciting development and research opportunities and life-changing medical advances, but also by escalating litigation or other legal requirements and expectations. We have earned a place as counsel to the industry by consistently delivering business-focused, creative legal guidance and aggressive representation of the tough issues facing the industry. We respond by building business strategy that addresses the demands of each unique situation and working closely with the client every step of the way. We offer counsel to a wide range of clients including manufacturers of prescription drugs, device manufacturers and medical facilities. We have a long history with the industry, offering a legal and scientific perspective that is crucial when it comes to high-profile matters that may impact a company’s reputation and bottom line.

The wide range of services Singhania & Co.LLP has provided to pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers includes:

  • Commercial Litigation.
  • Product Liability Defense.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions.
  • Equity & Debt Financings.
  • Federal & State Government-related funding.
  • Intellectual Property and IP Litigation.
  • Contracts.
  • Licensing.
  • Corporate.
  • Corporate Governance.
  • Securities.
  • Compliance.
  • Government Relations.
  • Tax.
  • Distribution, Manufacturing and Supply Agreements.
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