Privacy, Data Security & E-Commerce

Our practice focuses on information technology and policy and has developed from years of experience representing large and small computer software companies, firms providing software tools and applications, web site developers and other Internet services companies. We also represent a broad range of companies that buy software systems or develop their own systems, as well as counsel clients planning to outsource all or part of their information technology functions.

Our practice is comprised of a cross-disciplinary team of attorneys with extensive experience on both the vendor and user sides of information technology transactions – a key advantage for our clients. We also draw on our successful telecommunications law practice.

We advice clients in the following areas:

  • Software licenses and development contracts.
  • World Wide Web site development and hosting agreements.
  • Information technology function outsourcing.
  • Copyright, patent, and trade secret protection of technology, including issues. Arising under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.
  • Electronic network agreements.
  • Electronic signatures, electronic records retention, and related commercial transactions, including the effects of the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act and the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act.
  • Electronic privacy matters, including advising clients regarding:
    • Online privacy policies.
    • The Child Online Privacy and Protection Act (COPPA).
    • The security and electronic transactions aspects of the Health. Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).
    • The European Commission Directive on Data Protection.
  • Development of policies for electronic communications and computer use.
  • Software licenses or other intellectual property rights granted to financially troubled parties.
  • Internet domain name disputes.
  • Digital television conversion.
  • Cable television regulatory issues.
  • Federal and state telecommunications policy.
  • Technology escrow agreements.
  • Drafting, review, and analysis of technology-related legislation.

Our highly qualified and experienced attorneys also bring their specialized knowledge and experience to technology e-commerce start-ups, joint ventures, the purchase and sale of software companies and divisions, and software contract disputes.

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