Profitability and Competitiveness of Indian Companies Affected by UK Visa Measures

Profitability and Competitiveness of Indian Companies Affected by UK Visa Measures

In a discussion between Anand Sharma(Commerce and Industry Minister of India) and David Wootton, Lord Mayor of London ,on the issue of visa and post study work visa, it was found that the new visa measures taken by the UK government may affect Indian companies and Indian IT professionals who visit UK on short deputations.

Emphasising on the fact that Indian companies are establishing UK as an important base for their investments in Europe, Sharma said that he hopes such a cap on non- EU economic immigrants does not hamper the accelerating trade and economic partnership between the two countries.

He also highlighted the problems which the Indian students would face if they wished to pursue university education in the UK as the measures would be applicable to student visas and post-study work visas also.

The fate of the Indian students affected by UK Border Agency’s (UKBA) decision to revoke London Metropolitan University licence to admit non-EU international students is also an ongoing fear.

To all these concerns and many more, Lord Mayor assured that the Indian students would be taken care of and valid students would be accommodated as it is not only the matter of the student’s future but also a matter of UK’s reputation as one of the most aspired educational hubs. On the other hand Lord Mayor requested to open Indian legal and accountancy sectors which according to Sharma are self- regulatory professional bodies like Bar Council of India and the Institute of Chartered Accountants. Talks on this issue are still underway and the next possible step would only materialise once the stakeholders come forth with a consensus.


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