Real Estate & Construction Lending

We represent both domestic and foreign-owned institutional investors, such as banks, pension funds, insurance companies, mortgage companies and conduit lenders, making debt and equity investments in a wide variety of commercial real estate properties. We have one of the most experienced and widely recognized teams of commercial real estate lending lawyers, who have expertise and experience in solving all types of real estate issues and cases.

We have rich experience in performing due diligence, documenting and closing such real estate finance transactions. We possess a depth of understanding regarding the requirements, procedures and standards of lenders involved in making such real estate loans. We Represent our clients in a full range of real estate finance matters, including:

  • Hotel development.
  • Planned unit residential developments, timeshares and subdivisions. Commercial Mortgage Securitizations, including multifamily loan programs.
  • Planning, developing and leasing a broad range of real estate projects, including retail, research and development, office, industrial and mixed-use projects.
  • Property acquisitions and sales, including commercial, residential and mixed-use developments.
  • Senior and Assisted Living Developments.
  • Public/private projects, including tax increment financing and tax abatements.
  • Zoning, wetlands and other land use matters.
  • Loan workouts and foreclosures.
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