Real Estate

We understand the significant changes taking place in the real estate industry and are committed to meet evolving client requirements and expectations in this area. The firm represents both domestic and foreign-owned entities in all aspects of the acquisition, construction, financing, development, and leasing and disposition of a wide variety of commercial and residential properties.

Our clients include all major parties in the real estate industry owners, lenders, developers, investors, local governmental units and agencies, contractors, users, and architects and property managers. This broad representation gives us valuable insight into the complex interests in real estate transactions. We offer a superior caliber of service, which extends beyond technical legal advice to include both the planning and business aspects of real estate transactions. We work together with the firm’s other practice groups, such as tax, corporate, bankruptcy and restructuring, environmental, employee benefits, and government policy and employment, to insure timely and cost-effective advice and results for our clients.

We represent our clients in a full range of real estate matters, including:

  • Affordable housing projects.
  • Construction, including architects’ agreements and construction contracts and construction and design claim prosecution and defense.
  • Financings, including mortgage financings, sale leasebacks, tax credits loans, grants and other economic inducements from governmental entities, synthetic leases, leveraged leases and participating mortgages.
  • Sustainable technology as an integral element of the construction and design of real estate projects.
  • Loan workouts and foreclosures.
  • Planning, leasing and developing a broad range of real estate projects, including retail, office, research and development, industrial and mixed-use projects.
  • Property acquisitions and sales, including residential, commercial and mixed-use developments.
  • Public/private projects, including tax increment financing and tax abatements
  • Zoning, wetlands and other land use matters.
  • Hotel development and management.
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