Restructuring, Workout & Foreclosures

Our Restructuring, Workout and Foreclosures practice combines the firm’s skilled bankruptcy practitioners, transactional attorneys, and seasoned litigators to offer strategic solutions for clients involved to deal with distressed or non-performing loan situations. Our highly qualified and experienced attorneys apply an interdisciplinary approach to represent lenders, mutual funds, hedge funds, insurance companies and middle market businesses facing restructuring of existing credit facilities, in- and out-of-court workouts, and insolvency-related litigation.

Our firm has significant experience in workouts and restructurings of distressed real estate and commercial credit facilities. We have experience to represent both lenders and borrowers in loan transactions, as well as in bankruptcy proceedings. Our highly qualified and experienced attorneys help lenders to identify options and strategies that will maximize their recovery in troubled credit situations, while minimizing risk and expense. We represent creditors filing involuntary bankruptcy petitions, and have represented creditors in successfully blocking the discharge of their claims against bankrupt borrowers. We have represented secured and unsecured creditors in contested confirmation hearings, and confirmed reorganization plans on behalf of secured and unsecured creditors, thus taking control of the reorganization process to facilitate recovery on creditors’ claims.

Our Clients include entrepreneurs, finance companies, nationwide retailers, manufacturers, service organizations, wholesalers, distributors, trucking companies, hotels, shopping centers, office buildings and apartment complexes. We also work closely with solvent companies to change their corporate structures in an effort to improve financial performance and enhance value. Our litigation attorneys have expertise and experience with all types of insolvency-related litigation, arbitration and dispute resolution. We have considerable experience in commercial collection litigation, international asset collection, real estate foreclosures and other insolvency-related litigation matters.

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