Subprime Mortgage Litigation & Counseling

We have one of the largest and most diverse litigation and counseling practices in India representing the subprime mortgage industry. We are currently defending putative class actions and other complex litigation on all coasts, including claims arising out of the sale and marketing of non-traditional mortgage products, credit discrimination, appraisal practices, and even public nuisance litigation filed by municipalities.

We also offer counsel and regulatory advice in support of the mortgage market, and we work closely with our lender clients in developing innovative and dynamic legal advice for those potentially exposed to subprime mortgage liabilities. Our team brings together experienced attorneys from national consumer financial services, bankruptcy, government relations, class action defense, real estate workout and business services practices. Our depth of experience enables us to offer clients with an in-depth analysis of pending state and federal legislation, and with respect to new trends in litigation that may threaten the viability of the industry.

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