Tax Credit

tax credit is generally more valuable than a tax allowance or tax deduction of the same magnitude because a tax credit reduces tax directly, while a deduction or allowance only reduces taxable income and so the reduction in tax is only a fraction of the deduction or allowance. The ability to access and utilize these credits either singly or in combinations requires sophisticated legal advice in the areas of Tax, Corporate Finance, Real Estate, and Government Policy. We have extensive experience in providing advice and counsel in these areas combining the specialized skills of our tax, real estate and corporate finance attorneys. We have also extensive experience in structuring transactions to qualify for historic credits, developers, representing investors, and lenders in these transactions. We have experience in combining both federal and state historic tax credits with other tax credits and incentive programs. Our expertise and experience to understand the complex cross-disciplinary legal issues and their interdependence allow us to maximize our clients returns, combining NMTC with federal and state historic rehabilitation credits.