Anshuman Tiwari

Anshuman Tiwari

Mr Tiwari is the Joint Managing Partner of Singhania and Co. and has a wide experience in dealing matters related to International Commercial Arbitration, Mergers, acquisitions and takeovers, corporate, project and structured financing, Joint Ventures and Litigation matters.
He is regularly called upon by foreign and domestic corporations and financial institutions to advise them on major corporate matters. He has been appearing and representing various Companies for their matters in High Courts and Supreme Court of India.
He has acted as director on the board for several Blue Chips companies and has represented the Company in their major decision makings.
His practice areas include International Commercial Arbitration, Corporate Matters, SEBI Matters and all types of Litigation matters. Besides that he shares a rich experience in drafting and vetting various Contracts and Agreements and giving inputs in them.

Having diversified experience in corporate laws Mr. Tiwari has designed and successfully executed various prominent Joint Ventures in country. Possessing Masters Qualification in the Business Laws he represents the Board of various reputed business houses.
Apart from routine corporate maintenance he has hands on experience in liasioning with matters related to Software Technology Park of India and various other regulatory authorities of India. Mr. Tiwari is also the member of various professional association and Chambers.

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