D.C. Singhania

D.C. Singhania

Practice Experience
Mr. Singhania as a founder of Singhania & Co. in 1969 has a vast experience of over four decades in Commercial laws, Arbitration (Both National & International) and litigation. Being the chairman of Indian Society of Arbitrators and the member of board of Directors of various Multinational Companies functioning in India including RICOH India, GIVO Limited etc.. He is also a patron of All India Conference of Intellectuals.
Mr. Singhania is a member of American Bar Association, International Bar Association, Bar Association of India, Supreme Court Bar Association, Delhi High Court Bar Association etc. Along with these memberships he is also a member of various lawyers associations of the world apart from membership of various chambers of Commerce.
He has represented several major arbitration cases, such as Western Company of North America v ONGC, and Alsthom v Railway Board of India. This also includes Mr Singhania being appointed sole arbitrator by the International Court of Arbitration of ICC, Paris.
Mr Singhania is still an active consultant for the firm, and deals in matters relating to foreign collaborations for multi-national companies, corporate law, investment in India, commercial law and joint ventures. Important cases he has represented include; Marwar Tend Factory v UOI and NTPC v Singer.
He is a frequent speaker at International conferences held worldwide, and has hosted several conferences in India as a result. He is often invited to the Cambers of Commerce and Industry to discuss various aspects of business law in India.
Mr Singhania is the chairman for the Indian Society of Arbitrators, and is a director of various companies including, Bholonath International Ltd, Givo Limited and Modi GBC Hitech Limited. He is also a patron of the All India Conference of Intellectuals.

Education Bars and Courts :

Supreme Court Bar Association
Delhi High Court Bar Association
Bar Association of India
International Bar Association
American Bar Association
Education Member :

Asia-Pacific Lawyers Association
Chamber of Commerce and Industry
World Jurist Association
Royal Overseas League
International Fiscal Association
Licensing Executive Society
Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry
British and South Asian Trade Association
International Association of Protection of Industrial Property
PHD Chamber of Commerce
Indo-American Chamber of Commerce
Indo-French Chamber of Commerce
Indo-German Chamber of Commerce
Indo-Italian Chamber of Commerce
Indo-Canadian Chamber of Commerce
Indo-Australian Chamber of Commerce
Education Education :

Bachelors in Arts (B. A) Jalandar, India
Masters in Law (LL.M) Jalandar, India
Education Languages :

English and Hindi

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