Janeevan John

Janeevan John

Associate, Singhania & Co. LLP

Janeevan John is a Solicitor of the Supreme Court of England and Wales and an Indian Advocate. He started his legal practice in the year 2001 in India in the area of Litigation. .He associated with Singhania & Co, London in the year 2006 specialising in Immigration Laws, Corporate and Commercial Laws and Contracts.
He is very active in the networking events and he was a delegate of UKTI and British Expertise to Mumbai and Kolkatta in the year 2008. He coordinated the people from London to Indoor for the Madya Pradesh Chief Minister’s Global Investors Meet in Indoor, India.
He is the Co-ordinator for the Indo European Business Forum, a high profile forum focusing on the cross boarder transactions in India and Europe. As a value added service he scouts through his contacts for M&A deals, fund raisings etc of cross boarder and domestic nature.
He also speaks in various seminars and the latest one he did was regarding changes in the immigration law of students.
He practices Reikie and yoga.

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