Lyubomir Yavrichev

Lyubomir Yavrichev

Qualification: Master of Laws, Sofia University

LyubomirYavrichev is a lawyer qualified in Bulgaria (Jurist),a Master in Laws from Sofia University.

As a student Lyubomir was selected by the Bulgarian Ministry of Justice to work on EU treaty implementations and policy recommendations for the integration of European legislations into Bulgarian law. He also participated in a research based fact finding project for a joint publication under the domain of the Cabinet of the then Prime Minister and as a token of appreciation was selected for a close audience with the Prime Minister, which was also publicised by the Bulgarian press.

From his professional career, Lyubomir brings a wealth of experience having worked as Jurist-Consult with Sofia Municipality where he was handling real estate, restitution and town planning cases on behalf of the Mayor of Sofia. He alsoworked on a legal project for Bechtel Corporation in Sofia as Legal Co-ordinatoras a part of the management team in the development of a $200 million project for the third largest mobile operator trading under the name of ‘Vivacom’. Subsequently he worked as Joint Head of the Bulgarian property division in the law firm, Max Gold Partnership Solicitors, UK, handling an impressive client profile for real estate transactions and development projects between Bulgaria and UK. Lyubomir has written articles on real estate law published by prominent magazines including, ‘Place in the Sun’, UK. Lyubomir’s main specialisation is real estate, corporate commercial and public law. He also has rich knowledge of work related to development of alternative/ green energy projects and project financing.

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