Mr. Rajiv Bais is one of the senior members at the Indore office of the Firm. He has previously served as a Company Secretary at the State Electricity Company,Indore. A member of the M.P Bar Council, Mr. Bais is an Associate Partner at the Firm.

With over 23 years of experience, he specialises in financial laws, infrastructure laws, corporate and energy laws. He has over the years built expertise in dealing and liasoning with regulatory authorities as well as representing clients before various forums. Mr. Bais is widely known for his expertise in Program management- concept formulation, sourcing of funds, management support, multilateral & bilateral agencies supported development finance, SME finance, interventions and support, Policy & Regulatory advisory, Offshore financing, offshore corporate and transaction advisory, trade finance, private equity and venture capital, fund advisory particularly setting up of Funds, fund operationalization, model documents, transaction advisory, documentation and issuances documentation.

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