Mr. Pradeep is a Senior Partner at the Firm and focuses on the banking & finance practice of the Firm. He started his practice with Dena Bank in 1981. In 1989, he set up one of the first asset recovery branches in public sector banks.

Thereafter he joined as the Executive Director of Central Bank of India in 2008. He was critical in bringing various structural changes in the Corporation bank of India and spearheaded the
bank to join the league of large banks during his tenure. He is currently an advisor to many companies in their strategic planning, project preparation, execution, diversification of business verticals, mergers & acquisitions, and setting up of
new projects in diverse fields.

Mr. Pradeep is also the chairman of the M/s. Credit Risk and Risk Advisory Services Pvt. Ltd. He has been on the board of ILFS, Corp Bank security Ltd, and has headed the committees of various boards in multiple banks.

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