Reina D’costa

Reina D’costa

Reina D’costa is a dual qualified (UK and India) solicitor. She is highly recommended with testimonials and known to find the best solutions with business acumen. Her niche areas are Media and India but she can handle all types of routine legal work.
Expertise: Handle clients needing advice on media law, entertainment law , advertising, marketing, syndication and distribution of content .

– Good rapport with Governing bodies like the Office of Communications (Ofcom) and the Advertising Standards Authority , well versed with advertising law and product placement.

-Credited with content acquisition for ICC cricket broadcast rights,, acquisitions of content from MGM, Sony and other large media companies, distribution deals with players like Virgin and UPC among other pan European platforms , BARB contracts for free to air channel ratings and subscriber management.

-Large events contracts eg. Carnival at Olympia London and the Miss World event, syndication of content across the globe, Mayor of London events , sponsorship , fashion shows and barter contracts.

-Well versed with piracy and solutions for Copyright infringements, trademark protection and domain name infringements .

-Advise on websites , TV, radio and print media.

-Also advise on issues relating to India and assisting businesses with cross border interests and businesses in the UK expanding into India and vice versa.

A member of the Law Society . Holding a UK practicing certificate for over 12 years . She has the added experience of being Inhouse General Counsel for multinationals and thus is pragmatic and proactive in advice.

Reina can assist businesses as a 1 point of contact for all their legal needs. She can provide retainerships which are cost effective and her understanding of your business needs means she can be part of your management team , prevent risk, be on the board when required, assist with all routine legal needs of the business such as contracts, disputes, debt recovery, employee issues, data protection, trademark registrations and company secretarial support and take the load off the other managers in coordination with specialists where required for a complete solution to any legal need.
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