Trade & Customs

The Firm is focusing on International Trade, Business and Investment Law and growing its clasp in International Arena by making associates world wide. Being a Firm of India the Firm is also capturing the International Trade issues related to India with the help of Individual Associates Lawyer of India. Our Firm has very good clientage and reputation in National and International Arbitration and Trade.

Importers and exporters face a regularly changing landscape of customs law and international trade regulation. We provide high quality, results-oriented and cost-effective legal advice to the international trade community. Our customs law practice includes legal compliance reviews, customs classification, investigations and audits, customs classification, customs valuation, drawback, NAFTA and other preferential duty programs, and country of origin marking. Our international trade law practice includes antidumping and countervailing duties, international negotiations, export regulation, trade policy and legislation, intellectual property protection, and food and drug regulatory compliance and counseling.

We provide legal advice and prepare legal documentation for its clients in the area of International Trade and Customs laws. Our firm advises on fulfillment with Export & Import Laws and procedures. Our team of highly qualified and experienced lawyers is frequently engaged in drafting of contracts, joint venture agreements, foreign collaborations and standard terms of trade including financial arrangements of international trade. We act in all aspects of aviation, maritime and general transport law including all related insurance issues. Further, our practice encompasses other general and specialist insurance areas such as fire insurance, all risks policies and professional negligence insurance.
  • Import-Export Laws & Procedures
  • Letters of credits
  • Custom clearances
  • Foreign Direct Investment
  • Foreign Exchange laws
  • Antidumping & Safeguard Duties
  • Anti-circumvention laws
  • WTO Rules & Policies
  • Admiralty
  • Aviation
  • International Trade & Transport
  • Marine Insurance
  • Maritime Arbitration
  • Shipping litigation
  • Ship Financing
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